LifeMoves 2023 Holiday Decorating Form

Holiday Child #1
Thank you for your interest in decorating for the holidays!

"Decorate a Shelter" is available for the months of November through December. You and your volunteer team will arrive at a designated LifeMoves shelter and then proceed to decorate for the holidays. The decorating fun will conclude with a photo of your team.

Please plan to spend about 2 hours of your time for this festive and upbeat event. For budgeting purposes, teams typically purchase the decorations; LifeMoves provides guidance on decorating ideas as well as date/time for your decorating soirée.

The following holiday themes are available for this opportunity:
  • Festive Fall Holidays
  • Winter Wonderlands
  • New Year's Celebration
Please fill out the form below to sign-up for holiday decorating. We will reach out to you to share information on all the various ways you can help us to create festive environments for all of our clients.

Hold down the "shift" key to select more than one.